Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin

Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin
News May 2020

Strange days... we hope you're keeping well at this difficult time. No-one knows quite what happens next, but hopefully good sense will prevail and things will eventually settle down - as the lyrics to our old song go, 'we've survived this before'. For some of us, it's an opportunity to catch up with rainy-day projects and think about what beneficial changes might arise from the current situation - we're fortunate to be able to continue making music (though we've temporarily had to stop rehearsing), and Dave has been archiving his collection of old DAT tapes and unearthed some musical nuggets which will no doubt find their way into our next batch of songs.

Kings Place Concert Rescheduled

Due to circumstances beyond our control we've had to reschedule our concert at Kings Place, London to Saturday July 31st 2021 - at present the venue is closed with no fixed reopening date, so given the current uncertainty we felt it was sensible to delay the event till next year. We're very sorry for the inconvenience, but look forward to seeing you all at a time when some semblance of normal life has returned.

Everyone who bought a ticket for August 1st 2020 will be able to use their e-ticket for the recheduled date at no extra cost: if you haven't done so already, please print it out now and keep it safe till next summer. Alternatively, you can get a full refund by emailing support@burningshed.com with the subject line 'Stewart/Gaskin ticket refund'.

We'll let everyone know when tickets for the rescheduled concert go on sale, but rest assured that those who hold on to their current e-tickets will be guaranteed a seat, and that we're 100% committed to making this special anniversary concert go ahead. Thanks for your understanding. In the meantime, stay safe and listen to some good music. We appreciate your support as always!

Kings Place July 31st 2021      Kings Place July 31st 2021

Concert line-up: Barbara Gaskin (vocals), Dave Stewart (keyboards), Beren Matthews (guitar)

Please note tickets for this concert will not be available from Kings Place box office or third party outlets - we're promoting the event ourselves with ticket sales handled by our trusted colleagues Burning Shed, who we've enjoyed working with since 2004. All revenue goes straight to the musicians with no record company involvement, so buying from Burning Shed directly supports our musical efforts.

For further updates, please feel free to join the Stewart / Gaskin mailing list (operated by Burning Shed) by clicking here. We will not share this secure information, you will not be spammed and you can unsubscribe any time. You're also welcome to join us on Facebook, but since Facebook posts reach only a small percentage of followers, our newsletter is the most reliable way of staying informed.

Star Clocks

Here are some nice comments we received on our new album Star Clocks. Thanks to the kind folks who sent them!

"Utterly, utterly beautiful. A great and sublime creation. There's so much depth to this album... both of you show development and even greater maturity since the last album. I love 'Everything Sings' in particular. It's anthemic. But all the tracks are faultless in both production and performance."

"Awesome, just awesome. Dave's lyrics and music are fantastic and so is Barbara's immaculate voice - still to my mind one of the best female voices of her generation... 'Everything Sings' is about as perfect as perfection can get. Amazing poetry, composition and performance."

"My copy of Star Clocks arrived today and I am very happy. It's beautiful and on repeat. The subtlety and poignancy of the music still grows and progresses."

"Thank you for your music!! It's golden, classic pop that keeps on giving. Barbara's singing is just lovely, it's sweet and true."

"Their mellow songs continue to be among the most gorgeous anywhere."

"The pure definition of intelligent pop music. I treasure every release!"


"Totally in love with the wonderful new album. Brings me to tears."

"A great album by two artists still at the top of their game. Overall the whole album just sounds great!"

"I received yesterday your Star Clocks CD and I'm already at the third listen. What I can say? As always it's a GEM!!!"

"Barbara is sounding better than ever. Like good wine, your voice gets better with time. Thank you for your wonderful music!"

"I put on Star Clocks as soon as I received it and love the new songs & lyrics! VERY inspiring! Excellent mix & recording (as always)... love the great keyboard patches (and performances) and Barbara sounds better than ever! Gavin Harrison is fantastic (as always) and the guitar parts fit right in and are very complimentary as well. Congratulations on another musical success! 'The magic remains'."

"The house is shaking with the thunderous sounds of Star Clocks. How does Dave manage to create such sounds from just a handful of keyboards? Why is Barbara not lauded far and wide as one of the UK's great vocalists? A resounding musical success... again. Play on repeat."

"'Everything Sings' and 'Time's Arrow' feel like the emotional essence of Star Clocks. More sedate and introspective, they are suffused with a languid melancholy. Gaskin's gloriously multitracked voice articulates the wonder of being alive in the former and one's inevitable mortality in the latter. Incredibly poignant, Stewart's meticulous orchestration on these deeply affecting melodies is equal to his best work. Magical and moving, they are quietly devastating."

Star Clocks

About Us

Dave Stewart (keyboards) and Barbara Gaskin (vocals) are English musicians who began their respective careers as band members in the early '70s. During this time Dave won a reputation as a leading keyboard player and composer, while Barbara's pure, unaffected vocals wowed the listeners of the day. In 1981 the two joined forces and enjoyed immediate success with 'It's My Party', a worldwide hit which reached no. 1 in the UK and Germany. Since then the Stewart-Gaskin partnership has evolved into one of the UK's most respected, innovative and intelligent Pop acts, characterised by Barbara's heavenly vocals and Dave's complex, musically adventurous arrangements.

Dave & Barbara release their music on their own Broken Records label (distributed by Burning Shed) and perform live as a trio or quartet. Having enlisted the dynamic West Country guitarist Beren Matthews, the Stewart / Gaskin band performed successful Autumn 2018 headlining concerts in Tokyo and London, the latter also featuring master drummer Gavin Harrison (known for his work with Porcupine Tree, The Pineapple Thief and the current incarnation of King Crimson). Dave, Barbara and Beren returned to Tokyo for more gigs in November 2019 and will perform a major London concert at Kings Place Hall One on July 31st 2021 (rescheduled from August 1st 2020).

This site focuses on the work of Stewart / Gaskin, which can best be described as intelligent pop music. For more information, please see our info page links below. Our complete catalogue, including 12" mixes, alternative versions and bonus tracks, is now available in remastered CD format from our online store, operated by our musician friends Burning Shed. All profits from these sales go directly to the artists with no record company involvement.

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